SureSmile: The new revolution in orthodontic treatment

It’s hard to believe – Dr. Mejia can deliver your treatment at up to 40% shorter time – but it is completely possible with SureSmile! SureSmile is a new technology in the orthodontic field that combines your records (X-rays and photos) with a 3-D mouth scan to create custom archwires made just for you! Dr. Mejia is able to simulate your treatment on the computer, thus predicting a more precise and accurate outcome. With this advancement, you will experience less appointments (less time off of work and school), less discomfort, and overall healthier teeth and gum tissue because the braces aren’t worn quite as long as with the conventional methods. Ask Dr. Mejia or one of her team members about SureSmile! You can also check it out for yourself by visiting their website:

Dr. Liliana Mejia

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